Zelda Diablo




A Zelda with much more action


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Zelda Diablo is an action role-playing game where you will control Link, the protagonist of the Zelda franchise, through an epic adventure in the pure Diablo style, descending to the deepest levels of a dungeon.

As in the original Diablo, this dungeon is randomly generated so that each game is a new experience. The only thing that stays the same is that you'll be exploring 50 different enemy-infested levels.

You can count on Link's trusty sword and other items to fight against these enemies. You'll have different power orbs at your disposal, and of course bombs, which can cause a lot of damage, and a boomerang.

Graphically, Zelda Diablo will remind you of the first Nintendo Entertainment System Zelda games, with a basic color pallet and simple yet endearing character design.

Zelda Diablo is a fun action and role-playing game which, though it might not offer the same scope as other titles in the same genre, still has a straightforward experience that should be especially attractive for fans of the Legend of Zelda saga.
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